Din's Curse Wiki


As a weaponmaster you are given 10 yellow passives and 10 skills to choose from. 

Yellow Passives:[]

Attack - Your standard attack

Leather Armor - Can use any type of leather armor

Mail Armor - Can use any type of mail armor

Mace - Can use one and two-handed maces

Sword - Can use one and two-handed swords.

Axe - Can use one and two-handed axes

Dagger - Can wield daggers

Attack Bonus - You are more likely to hit your target with bonus attack per point of dexterity.

Damage Mult Bonus - Bring more hurt to your enemy with bonus damage per point of strength.

Weaponmaster Rage - Successful hits against a foe will bolster your mana supply.


Power Strike (Current enemy) - A cheap, but powerful attack causing extra damage to the enemy.

Perfect Strike (Current enemy) - A powerful attack with a higher chance of hitting your target.

Adrenaline (Self) - Speeds up your attacks for a short time.

Arms Mastery (Passive) - Improves combat performance with any weapon.

Sword Mastery (Passive) - Improves sword combat performance.

Axe Mastery (Passive) - Improves axe combat performance.

Mace Mastery (Passive) - Improves mace combat performance.

Bleed (Passive) - Hits are more likely to cause deep wounds. Deep wounds cause another 200% of the melee hit damage over 5 seconds.

Devastating Blow (Current enemy) - A very powerful attack where ALL the warrior's mana channels into one mighty blow.

Whirlwind (Current enemy) - Spreads pain to multiple opponents up to 5 within range.